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I’m gifted (cursed) with short and sparse eyelashes. The only way I could have that seductive long and thick eyelashes was with falsies. Sure, some people swear by extensions. I’ve tried those. They would eventually fall off, along with my already few natural lashes.

When Lash Regrowth contacted me to try the latest lash treatment that helps lashes grow longer and denser naturally, I was sceptical. No surprises there – we’ve been conditioned to believe that when it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. But! The optimist side of me will always give things a try. So I schedule a no obligation trial to see if it really works.

First visit to Lash Regrowth

Nestled in Beauty Mums at Mount Elizabeth Novena, I found Jas, the founder of Lash Regrowth friendly and very professional. She has eyelashes sooo long, I was kinda sold even before the treatment. She carefully explained that the treatment works by stimulating the lash follicles and encourages lash growth by micro-needling and using a proprietary serum from Germany. Apparently, this treatment is very popular amongst Korean celebrities but is still quite new and unheard of in Singapore.

Before we start the treatment, we had my super short lashes measured so we can track the progress of the treatment.

Treatment procedure

I didn’t wear any make-up but Jas diligently cleansed my eyelids to remove traces of oils and gunk away.

After cleansing, lash growth serum was applied onto my lash line.

Starting with the right eyelids, Jas ran the electronic micro-needle tool across my upper lash lines five times and repeat the same across the lower lash lines 3 times. This is to help the growth serum penetrates deep into the skin.

It has this ticklish, prickling sensation that wasn’t too bad. Was it painful? Not at all on my right eye. I could hold up the phone and smile for Instagram Story.

However, my left eye was more sensitive. I was wincing so hard, Jas could immediately tell I wasn’t comfortable. She then ran the tool quicker (or was it slower, my memory failed me) to ease my discomfort. I can’t remember but somehow it worked. Soon it was over before I knew it.

Cleansing and the micro-needling procedure took about 20 minutes.

Next, I was treated to a heated soothing eye mask to help the serum to penetrate into skin for another 30 mins.

Finally, a quick remaining serum wiped off and it’s done!

The procedure requires no downtime, no redness or any puffiness. I went on my day like usual. Jas did warn me about having heavy eyelids for the rest of the day, due to the stimulation and blood rushing to the area. But I didn’t feel a thing until the next day. Delayed reaction, haha.

I was given two types of eyelash growth serums to apply at home, one for daytime and one at night. It is recommended to apply the daytime serum a few times throughout the day and only once for the night time one. But truth be told. I didn’t do it often. I either forgot about it or can’t be arsed at times.

The entire treatment comprises of one session per month for a period of 3 months, but Jas promised I could see results after just one session.

The results

So did it work?

At first, nothing happened. That’s why I was half-ass about the home maintenance serums. I quietly berated myself for undergoing such procedure over nothing!

Then one day, around the 4th week after the first session, I noticed I had more lashes to clump on with my eyelash curler. A previously empty spot on my left lashline (due to previous lash extension falling out) filled up with new lashes. I was like, “Woaww… I gotta make the appointment for that second session!”

After one session

The second and third treatment procedures are pretty much the same as the first, except less micro-needling. If my memory serves me right, 3 times on upper lid and twice on lower lid in the second and third sessions.

After two sessions

Pretty wicked results, won’t you say? By then, I had a few unusually long lashes which I’ve considered trimming.

After three sessions

Luckily for me, the other lashes caught up in length. I’m so pleased with the result. Never had I imagine that I could have naturally long and voluminous eyelashes. It looks as though I have eyeliner on in the photos above but really, it’s all lashes.

Even my lower lashes are longer.

I could not recommend Lash Regrowth’s treatment more. Instead of getting fake extensions, which put stress on the roots of our natural lashes, cause lash loss and has to be touched up every month or so, Lash Regrowth strengthen hair roots (so lashes do not fall off easily) and encourages permanent lash growth naturally. Our lashes will continue to grow longer and denser for next two years.

Both Lash Regrowth and Brow Regrowth are priced at $380 per session (First trial: $280).

One Shot Lash Lift (40 mins) $68

Now that my eyelashes are so long, I have difficulty curling them with a lash curler! My lower lashes always get caught because it’s so long. Haha… what a problem to have. So I jumped at Jas’ offer of the lash lift treatment.

Using Elleebana Australia, it lifts lashes from roots to avoid over curling effects of a traditional perm.

Top: Before lifting treatment
Botton: After lifting treatment

My long lashes are much more visible after the lifting treatment! The whole treatment takes 40 mins and it costs $68. It lasts up to 8 weeks.

Semi-Permanent Mascara

I don’t have to apply and remove mascara anymore, well, at least for 4 weeks.

Top: Before semi-permanent mascara
Bottom: After semi-permanent mascara

The $28 semi-permanent mascara treatment takes all of 20 minutes and it saves you from curling and applying mascara every morning. It also doesn’t hurt to have thick, voluminous lashes all the time, like in the middle of the night when you need to bat your lashes at your husband to get him to agree with you.

Lash Regrowth

Address: Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, Beauty Mums #01-07 | Website | Phone: 8261 3088

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