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I always envy girls with LONG LONG LASH. Being a typical Chinese Asian girl, my lash is fine and sparse. Even my lash were long, you still can see it from afar Girls like me, self comfort ourselves by using falsies or lash extension to temporary magnify our lash. But in the long run, we know deep down we have lash-less scenarios

But thank god for kind souls that manage to find solutions for us. Lash Regrowth located at Mt Elizabeth Novena Hospital #01-07  has a Lash Regrowth treatment that is perfect for my case. Being one of the pioneer in Singapore to import this latest technology from Germany, the treatment aims to revitalize your lash cells and encourage lash to grow naturally. It is a safe and permanent solution to longer and denser eyelashes. This treatment is set to achieve at least 2mm growth after one session.

And for this fact. It enough for you to go WOW!

Before the treatment, you are reminded that no eye makeup, no falsies are to be put on that day. This is to ensure zero impurities that might cause possible infections to your lash line.

To kick start, my eye area is gently clean with a damn cotton pad. And my lash was measured with the lash rule so I can monitor my results.


After which, a brief explanation on the process and tool. And if you have question, please raise them at this point. For this treatment, a lash pen and a brand new nano needle would be used. *Note that the nano needle is brand new and one-time use.


Jas, will be the one performing the treatment for me and she tested the nano needles on the back of my hands to let me feel how it will feel like on my lids. It was okay. Not as scary as I thought.

The process involves a fast vibrating motion of the nano needle doing small punctures on your lash line to stimulate the lash cells. The pain is totally minimal. So don’t be afraid when you hear needles and punctures. These are just terms use to explain the process.


did tear alittle but it’s okay~The process is approx. 15~20 min

After the whole process, a heated eye mask and treatment serum is place on the treated area to maximize the penetration to activate the lash follicles. This takes approx. 30 min.


Here’s me after the treatment


No redness or puffiness! And I was happy and looking forward already for longer, denser lash!

*This treatment is a gradual process. You will see result as time goes by.

And as long as I apply these 2 serums everyday, the effect will be optimized.




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